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Monday, 21 January 2013

Project promotion in the community

Project progress
January 3: Planning documents and confirmation from the Centre for family literacy and Samson Daycare
January 4: Poster with a grandma, dad and mom visiting the COW Bus as a testimonial created
January 5: Emailed the blog url to Samson Daycare so that they could get the feel of the bus and see the learning activities which were going on.
January 7: Posters and press release received from Centre for Family Literacy
January 8: Copies of the posters made and distributed to Hobbema Parent Place. They distributed the poster to HeadStart offices and schools.
January 9:  Copies of the brochure and posters distributed at the faculty meeting at the Maskwachees College, then put on the walls, washrooms and bulletin boards of the college. Also, distributed COW bus information to Social Work, family studies and Adult basic education students.
January 10: Press release sent to local media
January 11: Tannis posted the information on MCC Facebook
January 11: Follow up with newspapers for the community event listing.
January 11: Showed the COW Bus blogs to students during the one on one information literacy sessions
January 11: Tom, IT Director posted Visit Invitation on the electronic board
January 11: Checked that the event was listed on ABC life literacy foundation and Centre for Family Literacy website
January 12: Word of mouth promotion begins actively 
January 13: Adult literacy students designed their Family Literacy board
January 14: Allison posted on MEC facebook
January 14: Called Lucinda and confirmed  and the location was changed to BINGO hall and touched base with Megan
January 15: Created student volunteer posters and briefed the students
January 15: Reminded the Headstarts to bring their families
January 16, 1-3 pm: Distributed brochures and posters about the COW Bus to the chief, council members and 300 people who attended the Teach-In meeting to learn about the legislative information on bills.
January 16: Visited the Ermineskin Mall and saw that the 7 bulletin boards had the COW Bus posters placed on them
January 17:  Place some posters at the band office cafeteria tables and the coffee sugar, milk table.
January 17:  Distributed some posters at the gas station across the Bingo Hall
January 18: Gave posters to the front desk attendant at the Howard Johnson Memorial Centre to distribute to visitors. (The bus was parked across this centre.)
January 18: Request the Social Work students of Maskwachis College to bring families with children in the age group 1 to 4 years to visit the bus
January 21: Thank yous to partners and report to COW Bus
January 21: Permission taken and pictures released to media

Please visit the following pages to see the type of activities dads, moms, grandparents and caregivers can do inside the COW Bus. The bus if for 1-6 year olds accompanied by caregivers.
·        November 22, 2011 at the celebration of Learning:

·        July 18, 2012 at the TDSRC in Hobbema:

·        January 18 at the Samson Daycare, Family Literacy celebration:

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